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Family law, inheritance law and donations.

Family law, inheritance law and donations : our legal assistance is attentive to every aspect of family relationships

The team of lawyers in Palermo Legal offers extra judicial and judicial legal support in family law with reference to the following issues:

- Rights and obligations of spouses, cohabitation agreements, inheritance funds, civil marriage and marriage regulated by the Concordat, property in common and division of property ;

- Legal separation and consensual or judicial divorce, child custody, patrimonial consequences, inheritance rights, reconciliation;

- Tutelage, guardianship and administrative support;

- Rights and obligations of stable partnerships, forms of contractual protection of domestic partnerships.

Furthermore, Palermo Legal provides legal assistance with regards to all forms of inheritance and related issues. In addition, our lawyers offer advice in both for the preparation of wills and legacies as well as in the formulation of acts of donation.


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