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Civil Law

Private law is formed by the rules agreed to by the people of a nation in order to regulate private affairs and relations. 

The law firm has acquired expertise and experience in numerous areas of the private law, namely in the field of both civil law and commercial and corporate law. 

In particular, the lawyers who work with Palermo Legal deal with : 
Obligations and contracts;
Damages and liability;
Debt collection;
Family law, inheritance law and donations;
Condominium and co-ownership law;
Corporate and commercial law;
Business crisis;
Banking law and usury
Labour and employment law

The legal support offered by Palermo Legal in civil, commercial and corporate law covers both extra – judicial and judicial assistance. Our prime objective is offer rapid and clear answers to citizens and businesses. Our policy is to employ strategies which avoid litigation. 

"Publicum est ius quod ad rei statue romanae spectat, privatum quod ad singulorum utilitatem

Public law consists in everything which regards the State of Rome, private law consists in everything which regards the needs and utilities of individuals.