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Defence of victims of crime

Victims of crime: legal excellency at the service of victims and people who have suffered damages from crimes.

Our team of lawyers has acquired a high degree of specialization in the defence and protection of the rights of victims of intense social impact crimes. Among these crimes, a prominent position is certainly represented by mafia-style criminal organizations, extortion and other criminal offences aggravated by the use of a mafia method.

The goal which Palermo Legal strives daily to achieve is to go beyond the purely symbolic value of a civil action for compensation within a criminal proceeding. Our aim is to obtain an effective and concrete recognition of the victim's individual and fundamental rights which have been denied and violated by the criminal act.

The legal support and aid offered with regards to victims of crime and other injured parties, includes:

  • advice and assistance to victims of crime, support in the drafting and presentation of complaints and defence briefs to judicial authorities and / or to the police, constant contact with investigative public authorities ;
  • Defence investigations;
  • Application to bring a civil action in a criminal proceeding, assistance during proceedings (participation in the formation and analysis of evidence, witnesses statements, expert reports etc.);
  • Drafting and monitoring of applications to the “Solidarity Fund for the victims of extortion usury and mafia” to obtain compensation for the damages suffered by entrepreneurs or individuals as a consequence of criminal activity or as a consequence of situations of intimidation in relation to mafia-style crimes and extortion and usury;
  • Drafting and monitoring of legal actions for compensation to be submitted to the perpetrators of the crime or to other public and private agencies that provide some form of reintegration of the damages suffered;
  • Drafting of applications for grants and for the installation of security systems guaranteed by municipalities and / or regional and local institutions such as the Chambers of Commerce in favour of entrepreneurs victims of extortion or robberies and thefts.

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