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Obligations and contracts

Obligations and contracts : our expertise and skill at the service of citizens and businesses

The team of lawyers offers complete legal assistance in the field of obligations and contracts.

Palermo Legal deals with all legal aspects concerning the creation, execution, alteration and settlement of obligations.

In particular, the office’s areas of skill include:

- The constituent parts of an obligation ; the nature of the debt and the credit and the debtor’s and creditor’s therein.

- Relative obligations and specific-result obligations. Generic and specific obligations;

- Requirements of obligations;

- Application of the principle of fairness and good faith;

- Fulfillment and breach of obligations;

Furthermore, the lawyers of Palermo Legal provide legal support to citizens and businesses in the drafting, interpretation and enforcement of contracts.

In particular, the law firm has expertise in sales contracts, exchange contracts, commercial and residential letting, works, supply and services procurement,

supply contracts, transport of people or goods, mandates, mediation, shipment and dispatching, deposits, insurance, agency agreements, loans.

Furthermore, the team provides support for atypical contracts.

Lastly, the law firm has acquired specific expertise in the purchase and personal consumer cases and ensures a high level of protection of consumers’ rights.

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