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Labour and employment law

Labour and employment law : legal protection and assistance for workers and enterprises

The team of lawyers at Palermo Legal provides legal advice and assistance to workers and companies, both in the public and in the private sector, in relation to:

- Hiring and contracts;

- Implementation of employment contracts and related issues such as wages and salary, disciplinary proceedings, downgrading, harassment, anti-union behaviour, safety in workplaces, accidents and injuries at work, occupational disease, overtime and compensation for damage ;

- Dismissal procedures and mobility.

In the field of labour law, our law firm's objective is, in the first place, to assist our client extra - judicially. Extra judicial legal assistance is often decisive and includes : the establishment of a contact with the other party, the attempt to resolve the legal issue amicably, the drafting of the letter to activate the mandatory attempt of settlement; assistance during all stages of the transaction at the Trade Union or at the Provincial Directorate of Labour; the preparation and drafting of transaction acts.

Judicial assistance consists in the preparation of appeals and statements of defence for proceedings before the Tribunal or Administrative Court; assistance during all phases of a trial; assistance for the implementation of the judgment and sentence and drafting of all related acts (ex : injunction to pay, foreclosure, bankruptcy etc.).

Furthermore, Palermo Legal offers legal assistance for the the assessment of potential liability and damages related to work related activities.

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