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Damage and liability

Damage and liability: legal assistance to guarantee that citizens obtain fair compensation for damages

Palermo Legal has specific expertise and experience in the field of compensation for damages and protection of people whose rights and interests have been violated.

The team of lawyers in Palermo Legal:
- Assesses the damage suffered by people, things, property and businesses,
- Quantifies all forms of patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages suffered in iure proprio (in their own right) or iure successionis (as heirs), including loss of profit, loss suffered, loss of opportunity, physical injury, personal damage, moral damages.

In fact, Palermo Legal offers a complete analysis of damage and liability in a particular situation. We focus on the assessment of liability and the existence of the a causal link between the event and the resulting damages suffered.

Our team’s main areas of expertise are: contractual and pre-contractual liability; tortious liability; “ruined holiday” damages; professional, medical and sport liability; car accident liability.

Palermo Legal offers judicial and non-judicial legal assistance. In particular, judicial legal support may include a civil action in criminal proceedings as well as the possibility to autonomously obtain fair compensation for damages in civil proceedings.


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