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Business crisi, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy

Business crisi : an integrated legal support.

Business crisises have become increasingly frequent. Very often, a company’s liquidity problems are a result of customers’ liquidity problems in lack of access to credit.

The law firm Palermo Legal, offers advice in situations of business crisis including a lack of liquidity and helps the business make the correct choices and decisions regarding banking and tax issues.

Our team of lawyers’ objective is to inform businesses, in advance, on the legal, economic and financial consequences of a bankruptcy. The aim is to assist the company in making decisions and avoid assuming a conduct which could be criminally relevant and sanctionable.

Moreover, Palermo Legal gives advice in the drafting of recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements and arrangements with creditors. We dedicate particular attention to the interaction between banks and businesses. Our legal activity is aimed specifically, when possible, at maintaining the continuity of the activities of companies and businesses.

Finally, our law firm offers legal assistance for the collection and recovery of debts owed by a bankrupt company through procedures of liquidation, bankruptcy and other procedures which have the aim to reduce the negative effects of insolvency.

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