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Banking law and usury

Banking law and usury : supervision and monitoring on the activities of banks and protection of clients.

Our team of lawyers provides advice to businesses and citizens with regards to their agreements and relationships (established or to be established) with banks and financial institutions.

The objective pursued by Palermo Legal is to protect our clients’ rights when they sign banking contracts as well as during the implementation of contracts such as bank accounts, loans, credit, financing, leasing and investment (stock or bond).

Our experience gained over time has taught us how to interact with banks in order to safeguard the respect of transparency, clarity, fairness and legality in agreements and contracts between banks and citizens and businesses.

Legal Palermo is one of the leading law firms which deals with banking problems related to usury. We dedicate particular attention to

* the verification of the existence of usurious rates;

* the development of the most effective strategies to define agreements with banks prior to renegotiation of the conditions;

* the application of the safeguards provided by the law to protect victims of usury (Law n.108 /1996), such as the suspension of loan and tax deadlines and access to interest-free loans.


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