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Our mission

A lean agreement is better than a heavy judgement”

To face a lawsuit and a trial, especially in the field of civil law, represents a partial defeat for a citizen or for a business. The duration of proceedings and the high costs of lawyers’ and consultants’ fees become an obstacle to the protection and the recognition of rights and interests.

Palermo Legal believes that it is fundamental to provide extra-judicial advice and legal assistance and considers resolution in courts a last resort. Our policy is to try and reach an agreement, a transaction or a reconciliation for our clients. Such a result is often be the best outcome for clients.

Furthermore, one of the main goals of Palermo Legal is to establish long lasting client relationships based on mutual trust. For this reason, we offer agreements of extra judicial legal assistance in order for citizens and businesses to be closely followed and supported in any situation in which the presence of a lawyer is necessary or useful and to making life easier.