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Tax and financial services law

Tax law is the area of law concerning the imposition and the collection of taxes, fees and contributions.

The team of lawyers at Palermo Legal provides legal advice and assistance to citizens and businesses in the field of tax and financial services law.

The law firm provides support in relation to direct taxation (income tax, corporate income tax, substitute taxes, assessment and collection, etc.), and indirect taxation (VAT application and payment, receipts, registration, inheritance and donations fees), local taxes (IRAP - Regional tax, TARSU - solid waste fee , ICI – Communal Property Tax, TOSAP occupation of spaces and public areas tax) and drafting of financial statements and other legal documents related to tax litigation. 

In order to offer these services, the law firm uses the valuable collaboration of chartered accounting firms and tax consultants.

In relation to the tax law, Legal Palermo offers the following activities:

- Assistance to businesses, self-employed and professionals, in order to fulfill and financial, accounting, tax and administrative requirements;

- Analysis and assessment of the legality and fairness of tax acts (assessment notices, payment forms etc ) with reference both to national tax and local taxes (such as eg. Ici, Tarsu, Tosap and ICP); 

- Preparation and drafting of claims in self-protection; applications for division into installments of payments to Tax Authorities , claims to obtain relief, cancellations and / or adjustments of tax acts;

- Assistance in legal proceedings before the provincial and regional Tax Commission.

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