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Administrative Law

Administrative law defines and regulates the activity of public administration and its relations with private citizens. 

The law firm Palermo Legal provides extrajudicial and judicial legal assistance in administrative law with particular attention to the relationship between the public administration and private citizens or companies.

The team of lawyers at Palermo Legal is dedicated to the care and protection of individual rights and legitimate interests with regards in particular, to the following areas:

- Competitions, contests and invitations to tenders;

- Procurement of works, services and supplies;

- Town planning and construction;

- Environment;

- Energy and natural resources;

- Hygiene, health and safety.

In administrative law, the main legal services offered by Palermo Legal are :

- Advice and legal assistance in the field of contracts and / or concessions of public works, services, supplies, with particular reference to:

      1. the evaluation of the convenience and opportunity to participate to public tenders;
      2. the drafting of necessary documents to participate in public tenders;
      3. resolution of issues which arise during the selection process and during the implementation of the public contract;

- Drafting, presentation and monitoring of agreements between the public administration and citizens and businesses;

- Legal advice and assistance in the field of education and public hiring, with particular reference to situations of exclusion, lack of requirements and irregularities of competitions;

- Legal advice and assistance with regards to urbanism and construction;

- Drafting, presentation and monitoring of acts related to the law of access to administrative documents;

- Legal support in administrative proceedings with particular reference to the drafting, filing and monitoring of procedural acts both as recurrent and resistant

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